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    LOL: Brazilian Gang Leader Dresses Up As Girl To Get Out Of Jail!

    This Brazilian gang leader probably planned the dumbest escape plans of all escape plans LOL!

    A Brazilian gang leader’s plan to escape out of jail went completely wrong.

    Clauvino da Silva, Brazilian gang leader, tried to escape a high-security prison by dressing up as his teenage daughter!

    And get this, he was even planning to leave her behind in jail, according to authorities.

    He most definitely gets the dad of the year award… NOT.

    Clauvino da Silva pretended to be a 19-year-old girl Saturday. He expected to walk out of the front doors of Rio’s Gericinó prison, with fake smooth skin, long black hair and a cute little pink T-shirt with hearts.

    The convicted drug dealer’s amazing get-up was so convincing prison staff only stopped him at the end of visiting time because why? The grown man-little girl was acting nervous!

    Da Silva was filmed standing super awkwardly with his hands behind his back as his wild costume was slowly exposed.

    They started with starting with removing his glasses and a long black wig then removing the mask and some of the clothes and revealing his full name.

    After removing everything, you could finally see his wrinkles and features befitting a 42-year-old man.

    Authorities say da Silva was part of the leadership of the Red Command, one of the most powerful criminal groups in Brazil that controlled drug trafficking in a large part of Rio.

    Police say they are currently investigating the person partially responsible for giving these items to Silva to try to escape out of jail.

    First off, who would risk their safety for this obviously not so intelligent so-called “drug lord?”

    They say these people are street smart, obviously not so book smart!

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    Featured Image Credit: The Irish Times


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