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    Lizzo Tells Internet Troll To Put On A “Fat Suit”

    Being in the public eye takes plenty of tough skin, control of emotions and a strong resolve. Having just risen to music fame only a few years ago, Lizzo has made her presence known in Hollywood loud and clear. Arguably, she’s one of the most diverse artists in the game.

    Even better, she’s a role model for young girls, showing them that female celebrities come in all sizes. Speaking of which, Lizzo doesn’t tolerate body shamming of any kind from anyone. Recently, the rapper showed off her Chrisean Rock Halloween costume on social media, earning praises from everyone.

    However, one internet troll made the mistake of attempting to body-shame the artist. Lizzo put the hater in their place by telling them to put on a “fat suit.”

                Lizzo’s Costume Is A Hit


    If the haters don’t know by now that Lizzo doesn’t tolerate ignorance, they know now. Recently, the “About Damn Time” star took to Instagram to show everyone her Halloween costume. Instead of dressing up as a pirate, cowgirl or a vampire, Lizzo decided to dress as Blueface’s on and off again girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

    In the video that’s been making the rounds on the internet, Lizzo is featured in a white shirt and short-shorts. She completed the look with a side ponytail and missing tooth. Clearly, the “Truth Hurts” star captured Rock’s entire look in one video. Even Chrisean Rock herself praised Lizzo on her costume, saying that she loved it. Other stars even showered Lizzo with compliments.

    Lizzo Claps Back At A Hater Who Tried To Body-Shame Her


    Unfortunately, some people didn’t particularly care for Lizzo’s costume. In fact, one internet troll attempted to body-shame the star on Twitter by telling her to put on a “skinny suit.”

    Furthermore, Lizzo fired back with the following tweet, “I didn’t put on a ‘skinny suit’ – u can dress up as someone w/out being offensive – rock lit I’m lit it’s all love. Don’t make it weird . . . I hope she put on a fat suit’ GTFOH.” Obviously, that internet troll barked up the wrong tree.




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