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    Lizzo Adresses Body Shaming Fans in Emotional Live

    Lizzo cannot seem to catch a break from negative comments on social media. Recently she took to Instragam in a since removed emotional live. After the release of her and Cardi B’s “Rumors,” the singer appeared to have had enough of the slander. 

    The Breakdown

    The Grammy award winner expresses her inability to celebrate her accomplishments. Racist and fatphobic people are too quick to put Lizzo down and body shame her, despite her overwhelming confidence. 

    “On the days I feel I should be the happiest…. I feel so down,” Lizzo, sitting in her bathroom, told her social media followers as she dabbed at her eyes. “Like, I hurt so hard.”

    Later in the tearful reveal, she continued:

    “For the people that just always have something negative to say about me, that has nothing to do with music, or the content of my character, or me as an artist, and just has everything to do with my body or whatever trope you think I fall into… suck my p**** from behind. ‘Cause y’all mother****ers gonna be the ones that’s catching up.”

    In light of the recent use of the “mammy” trope, Lizzo felt a sense of connection to other greats. She openly admitted that her predecessors, including Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé, endured “the same type of criticism.”

    Outpouring of Support

    Cardi B is among the list of celebrities that showered Lizzo with love. In fact, Cardi referred to the haters as “nerds looking at the popular table.” Her defense of the Texas native highlighted her message that she is doing something right and people envy that. Missy Elliot also reportedly sent flowers to uplift her spirits. In addition, Chloe Bailey and Jameela Jamil made compassionate remarks too.

    Later Lizzo responded to her raw human moment with a vulnerable post: “Sometimes I get sad…” Praises to Lizzo as she continues to wow the culture with her mainstream sensations. 


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