Literary Observations: King Push’s Beliefs on “Honesty” and “Realism”

Honesty and Realism

“No matter what, the one thing that always prevails is honesty and realism. People can hear it, they can feel it, and they can sense it. My job as a creative is to present it (reality) creatively without relying on it completely. It’s that simple.”

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– Pusha T to Highsnobiety (Issue 12 | Spring/Summer 16′)

It’s almost as if we “told everyone so” who’s submitted anything into the inbox of hypefresh. Everyday, hundreds of creatives shoot us their greatest works that they’re most proud of, and confidently so – regardless of being selected or not. And we appreciate every effort in getting placement. However, only the best of the best can represent and/or grace the pages of hypefresh. We too remember being the start up no-one knew in the plethora of the media world’s greatest publications. However, it’s the undeniable truth (in King Push’s quote above) that helped us succeed as a company early on, whether we agreed with it or not. Un-comfortable days and stressful nights were (and still is the “reality”) our team’s daily journey. However we continue to push through, creating our own lane – avoiding the easy way out, shying away from imitation of other competing brands. And that’s why we can represent thousands of undiscovered, independent entrepreneurs in such a graceful fashion. We dare to be different. We hate “appropriating” the trends. Instead, we create them and hope that our vision connects with the people who follow hypefresh.

Pusha T uses this concept as his thesis, stating that his sneakers (released by adidas) are originally native to his creative vision.

Excerpted from HighSnobiety for reference:

“… His adidas sneaker, for instance, which is rife with references to drug culture, in many ways also speak to a current trend. One that sees brands from all spectrums embracing, glamorizing and appropriating the aesthetics, and with it, the lifestyle of the streets. But for Pusha, it was never merely a trend.”

Pusha T:“I’ve watched incredible sneaker brands knock off my shoe and it’s just not as fire. That’s where authenticity comes into play. I feel like brands like adidas recognize that honesty wins. I really like adidas because they care about things that aren’t popular. They care about the cool and the real, and sometimes when you’re first on the cool not everyone understands. When you care about the cool it’s usually more honest; it’s something pure, it’s usually something that’s in a raw state, and it’s not always pretty.”
Honesty And Realism-2
And with this being said, the relevance of originality reigns supreme in King Push’s example. His gems of wisdom speak vividly on the struggle many striving professionals and entrepreneurs battle with on the daily grind. Yeah, it’s easy to just copy and paste. Anyone can do that. But to be the eyeball in the crowd, standing out for your belief of something you personally believe as “cool” is the best move to make. And we’d concur, Pusha T is absolutely right in his stance on the subject.

So what does all this mean to our readers and the millions of creatives in the world? Simply put – “mediocrity lies within appropriation.” 

Don’t expect anyone to believe your business model is exceptional if your not being original. Don’t expect to noticed in a crowd of red t-shirts, by wearing a red t-shirt. Don’t believe in the trends. Don’t accept the trending fads. Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see. Do your own research. Dare to be different. Reach for the stars and land on the moon yourself. But to get there, you’re gonna have to travel a long journey. One that requires authenticity as the fuel, and realism as the GPS. By combining these two words together “realism” and “honesty”, you’ll get further in whatever you strive to accomplish.

And you’ll grace the pages beyond hypefresh’s offering. Not that we don’t want you here – we just wan’t to see you reach the heights of your potential.

And that’s us being “honest”.

Credit: Sources excerpted from print edition of High Snobiety.

Words: hypefresh. staff


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