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    LISTEN: Yung Pinch Reassures His Role With New Single “This Is My Wave”

    Twenty-one-year-old Huntington Beach, California rapper and singer Yung Pinch has released his latest track “This My Wave” today – check it out HERE if you are reading on our Apple News.

    “This My Wave” kicks off a new round of Yung Pinch’s #4EVERFRIDAY series, which will have the rapper releasing new music every Friday for several weeks to come.

    Yung Pinch Reassures His Role With New Single-1

    Yung Pinch recently connected with fellow Huntington Beach native and 2018 US Open of Surfing champion Kanoa Igarashi for a special one-on-one interview. Watch HERE as the talented guys share their mutual love for their hometown and exchange career come-up stories. During their hang out, on the day before the US Open, Yung Pinch shared a new unreleased song off his upcoming album with Kanoa, who played the track right before his final winning heat of the competition. Kanoa took home 1st place and thanked Yung Pinch in his podium speech for giving him the ultimate hype up song.

    Stream “This Is My Wave” above and in other music news, watch Drake call Donald Trump a “F**king Idiot.” 


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