Listen to Audra The Rapper’s “Bxtchlxss”

Audra The Rapper

Audra The Rapper isn’t waiting on love – she’s redefining it. With her latest album release ‘Anti-Love Songs’, the Brooklyn, NY native delivers “Bxtchlxss” a venomous record spit over an infectious instrumental.
Blamee Broaudra
Versatility is to be noted on Bxtchlxss as elements from gloomy pads and synths, electric guitar solos and trap-style 808’s and hats lace the frequencies. Call it “emo -hiphop” – we believe it’s honest and straightforward.

Audra The Rapper is blunt and undeniably brash. But who can blame her for being so? Being one of the hottest emcees in the game currently, it’s only right she let her hair down on this one.

Check out Bxtchlxss below and don’t forget to purchase Anti Love Songs  on iTunes now.

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