LISTEN: Raider Klan Founding Member RE77 Drops ‘R.A.8.N.’ LP

RE77 Releases ‘Reigning. Against. Infinite. Negativity’ Album

After establishing himself as a founding member of the Raider Klan, rapper RE77 (pronounced RELL), unloads his ‘Reigning. Against. Infinite. Negativity.’ Laced with 10 hard-hitting tracks including bonus cut “Medicate,” the project is feature free and finds the creative in rare form.

The project is called [RA8N], that 8 is an infinity sign flipped over and the infinity sign is part of the acronym. It means Reigning. Against. Infinite. Negativity. I pretty much based it on how I have been feeling. I’m heading out to Canada with the head of my label to start on another project with a different mindset, where I can get a whole different view of life. All my records got double entendres that people miss because I rap too fast and they may not be listening to all the lyrics like they used to – people not thinking about the records like that. My records are mix of meaning and that turn up music, so you have to pay attention.

Stream the fresh body of work below and watch the video for “D.I.P” above!


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