LISTEN: “Let’s Stay” Is A Wavy & Melancholic Track By Twelve’Len

The Florida R&B singer is on a wave, releasing yet another single after his feature Denzel Curry’s latest project Ta1300.

Twelve’Len demonstrates soft vocals combined with a truly melodic instrumental. While he’s no Frank Ocean, he shows a similar aesthetic to the way he approaches music. He’s got a clear voice that sounds both original and relaxing. The track speaks to two things: the negativity that overwhelmed a previous romantic relationship and divulged communication.

The track was released parallel to the premiere of the new documentary in which Twelve’Len was featured in — Definition of a Florida Boy — in which he references difficult living conditions of his Miami neighborhood (along with Flo Rida and Rick Ross).
Melancholic Track By Twelve Len-1
Miami New Times[/caption]

Give it a listen and see what you think.

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