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    LISTEN: BabyFace Kaedo Strikes Back With New Single “Gun Play”

    Getting the first crack at the finest beats from the Internet Money collective, 17-year-old Jacksonville emcee Babyface Kaedo has the makings of a star. Flashing a rapidfire flow and transforming his voice into an unhinged growl, Babyface Kaedo radiates menace in “Gun Play,” his latest single. Ruthlessly attacking an aqueous and cavernous piano-led production by Taz Taylor & E-Trou, Kaedo mounts up for his next heist in “Gun Play,” stacking quick-witted bars throughout the song’s lightning-quick runtime: “Don’t want no action, start that cappin’, we like gunplay/He live on a dead end, he got one-wayed.” “Gun Play” follows the absorbing “Balenci,” the relentless “No Fakin,” and the bouncy “Pikachu,” produced by Internet Money’s beatmaking prodigy Nick Mira, best known for producing many of the tracks on Juice WRLD’s Goodbye & Good Riddance albumincluding the Billboard Top 5 hit “Lucid Dreams.”

    Stream the track above and in other music news:



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