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    Lindsay Lohan Spits In Someone’s Face After Saying Racist Comments

    Lindsay Lohan has remained under the radar since she got out of jail, rehab, probation, and everything else. This however, can be something that lands her back in jail.

    According to, Lohan and her sister Ali walked into a Manhattan bar and went straight to the bathroom, and after 20 minutes, the bartender began knocking on the door to check on them. Lohan, for whatever reason, was annoyed the man knocked on the door to check on her.

    According to sources in the bar, Lohan screamed, “This is New York, You’re not from here.” Lohan then allegedly continued to disrespect the bartender, who is West-African, by imitating an African accent asking him if he is from Ghana.

    The person who is reporting this is not the bartender however, it is someone that witnessed everything. Everything escalated, to the point where Lohan had to leave, but not before allegedly spitting in the sources friend’s face. The police eventually arrived on the scene, but after Lohan left. The bartender spoke to Radar.

    “If that was me and someone spat in my face, I would have lost control,” the bartender told Radar. “If you spit in someone’s face you don’t consider them a human being. Their behavior was disgusting.”

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