Lil Yacthy performs ‘1Night’, Freestyles and dreams of Asian women


King of the teens and cult phenom, Lil Yachty, sits down with 88 Rising to discuss his love for Asian women, his strict diet and to drop an incredibly hard freestyle for “Good Fortunes,” a talking point segment that highlights Asian influences in global subcultures. Since last year’s viral fame, Lil Yachty aka Lil Boat, has been everywhere. From modeling for Yeezy Season 3, doing commercials for Sprite and talking politics on CNN, it’s clear that Lil Yachty has his finger on the pulse of today’s youth.

“Good Fortunes” was made possible by 88 Rising, a brand new media platform and imagination factory dedicated to celebrating global Asian culture. Led by an award-winning team of creative visionaries all over the world, 88 Rising strives to bridge the gap between East and West, spotlighting the richest cultural stories and people from Asia and beyond.


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