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    Lil Wayne’s New Album Set to Release

    Lil Wayne Hints At Album Release

    2020 has just begun, but there have already been several pleasant surprises when it comes to new music being released. This includes J. Cole dropping Revenge of The Dreamers III, which features 11 new tracks. Along with these surprise surprise albums from Mac Miller titled, Circles, and Eminem titled, Music To Be Murdered By dropped this past Friday.

    It has been great to see all these new and surprising content. Eminem is not the only legendary artist who is still dropping albums so late into his career. This past Wednesday, Lil Wayne posted on his Twitter and Instagram hinting at the release of his newest album Funeral.

    What To Expect From Funeral

    Wayne’s posts to his social media accounts did not go to reveal too much. They just seemed to be an update that Funeral would be dropping soon. This is good news to hear after the album was set to release in 2019 but never ended up being released.

    This will be Lil Wayne’s 13th album when it comes to the collaborations that will be featured on the album a couple of names have been mentioned. You can expect to hear collaborations with Lil Baby and The Loopholes on this album.

    Although The Loopholes might seem like a bit of a random choice, they have already worked with several very talented rappers. Other rappers that The Loopholes have worked with include Future, Young Thug, Tory Lanez, and Wiz Khalifa.


    Final Thoughts

    2020 looks like it will be a big year for new music. It has been less than a month since the year began, but we have already seen albums dropped by many talented artists. Albums from Mac Miller, J. Cole, and Eminem have previously been released. And it doesn’t seem like this trend will slow down.

    Lil Wayne’s new album Funeral should be dropping quite soon even though Lil Wayne has set no official release day. Due to his recent activity on social media, hopefully, one can expect to be listening to this album by the end of February.

    What do you guys think, though?

    Have you enjoyed the new music that has been released so far this year? Are you looking forward to Lil Wayne’s new album? And what are some other artists’ work that you hope to hear soon?


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