Lil Wayne’s First Advice To Drake: “Don’t Rap About Streets. Keep It Canadian”


Lil Wayne had some interesting things to say on ESPN anchor Cari Champion’s podcast “Be Honest.” On it he discussed with her his rap career, first phone call with Jay Z and his first advice to Drake.

First advice to Drake:
I was the one to tell him; don’t change anything. Don’t think ’cause you’re coming over here by me that you gotta rap about the things I rap about… Please rap about your little TV show… rap about girls, ’cause that’s what you’re good at… Don’t start singing about killin’ nobody [laughs]. Don’t start singing about the streets. Keep it Canadian [laughs].

Lil Wayne tells us his first phone call with Jay Z:
At that moment, my mama couldn’t tell me nothing…. Other people may say you’ve done a bunch of other stuff that should have made you feel solidified, but that phone call right there was serious to me. I remember exactly where I was, I remember telling everybody in the garage to shut up [laughs]. I was in my house in New Orleans. It was my second house on my own… We were all shooting pool in my garage… I got a phone call letting me know — Jay Z is about to call you. So I told everybody to be quiet… Like bro, be quiet… Like you shot a gun in the air [laughs]… All he really said is “Sup, lil homie. I see you. Just wanted to let you know, I see you.”

Lil Wayne on if he thinks he is better than Drake:
Man, I’d annihilate that guy [laughs]… I was trying to keep it Canadian, but you got me with that one.


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