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Lil Wayne Reportedly Scores Over $10 Million Settlement In Birdman Lawsuit

Lil Wayne’s pockets have got to be filling 14 million pounds lighter.

Because according to The Blast, Wayne has had to pay back Uncle Sam a ton of money. Since the year 2011, the IRS has been complaining that the rapper had fallen behind in his taxes. They claim that in 2011 he’d neglected to fork over $7,341,399.07 and that in 2012 he’d also owed them $6,853,545.77. Together, they report Wayne was swimming in a $14,194,944.84 debt.

But beg no more they shall do, because Wayne’s tax bill has been wiped clean.

As of Friday, Wayne is reportedly debt-free, according to court records. The only thing that isn’t certain is where he’s managed to pull the money from in order to handle his financial difficulties. One might assume that it was with the help of fellow rapper and friend, Jay-Z. Just recently, the “Leather So Soft” artist thanked Jay-Z for lending him money during his most difficult time of need. “There are people like Jay-Z—he helped me out when I was really, really, really down. Really, really, really down,” he said. “Jay doesn’t want me to tell nobody. That man helped me with my taxes. He’s a real friend y’all. Shout out my nigga Jay!”

Another possibility could be the settlement money he’s was awarded from Birdman. He allegedly got eight-figures from that win.

Either way, Lil Wayne‘s probably “Blunt Blowin” to the accomplishment.

Thoughts? Where do you think he got the money from? Do you care? Leave your opinions below.

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