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    Lil Wayne Is Birdman Jr. Alright… He’s literally Biting The Hand That Feeds Him!!

    Lil Wayne is perhaps one of the most decorated artists in the game today.

    The Cash Money artist opened up the door for artist currently in the game today. If it wasn’t for Wayne’s eye for the talent we would have never heard of Drake or Nicki Minaj. Songs like “Lollipop”, helped to open the door for the new age sound of music. With all of his accolades, it seems as though Weezy F Baby is coming up short on the bill.

    Birdman Jr.

    The Young Money CEO, is facing a lawsuit from a private chef. The chef in question claims that Wayne has missed out on paying her tens of thousands of dollars. It is rumored that D’Antonine Hills sued Wayne along with Young Money Entertainment in Florida for the outstanding balance. The apparent chef claims Lil Wayne is not willing to pay nearly the $35K due over the time as his personal chef. Chef Hill worked from 2014 to 2017 spicing it up in the kitchen.

    Even though Hill continued to provide invoices, Wayne was never consistent when it came to payment. Overall the rapper has paid close to $400K, with the outstanding $35K still due along with attorney fees. Prior to 2018, Wayne fought a long term legal battle with his mentor “Birdman”. During the dispute, Mr. Carter wasn’t allowed to release Tha Carter V. In the end, a judge ruled in Wayne favor forcing Universal Records to cut a nice size check owed to him. This forced Birdman to look to add to his talent roster. Overal it was tough times for Birdman as he fell on hard financial times due to insufficient fundsto keep his mansion in Miami.

    Damn it seems as though Lil Wayne is really becoming Birdman Jr. when it comes to the financial obligation. Let’s be serious, we know Wayne got the money to pay out of pocket.

    Why isn’t Birdman Jr. paying? Should he actually pay? Leave your comment below, and stay tuned to



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