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    Lil Reese in Critical Condition after shot to the neck.

    Multiple reports confirm that rapper Lil Reese was shot Monday.

    Lil Reese is in critical condition and suffered a gunshot wound to his neck. This incident happened around 2 pm in Illinois. Apparently, He was shot by someone in another car.
    The police have yet to identify or capture the shooter. Lil Reese in Critical Condition-1

    Lil Reese was outside ​Country Club Hills when the police responded to the call. It was reported that there was blood on the driver’s side door of another car and blood on the ground.

    Even more, Witnesses said that they saw a wounded man being taken away from the scene. Police were able to eventually identify that man who was in one of the local hospitals. However, the police are still investigating this and we will be updating the story as we get more information.

    We hope Reese has a speedy recovery.

    Lil Durk tweeted out that Reese was okay.
    Durk is a long-time friend of Reese and a native Chicago rapper.

    Reese is a 26-year-old Chicago born rapper. Lil Reese is well known for his feature on Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like”. Furthermore, he continued his career and released multiple music videos and racked up millions of views.

    He worked with well-known producer No ID and went on to work with more rappers. He’s worked with artists like Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Durk, and more.
    Reese’s newest Mixtape is titled “Get Back Gang 2” which was released in July.

    What do you think about Lil Reese getting shot? Was it a case of wrong place wrong time? or Was Reese the intended target?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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    Article By Alexander Leal


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