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    Lil Pump Joins List Of Rappers Who Are Voting Trump.

    Lil Pump joins the list of Rappers to endorse President Trump.

    During his Instagram live, LiL pump gave his endorsement for President Donald Trump. Becoming the third mainstream rapper to do so in as many weeks.

    President Trump may not know who Lil Pump is, but the rapper just gave a hand to 45 in his bid for re-election. The “I Love It” rapper may not be a household name to the average Trump constituent, but he is a for young voters across this country. Meaning his voice, and the voice of 50 cents, Waka Flocka, and others may influence this election.

    However, as one Twitter user put it, “Man… If Lil Pump can influence your vote, I don’t know what at all to tell you”.

    From the video, Lil Pump’s endorsement of Trump comes from the rapper’s current location on the financial totem pole. According to Joe Biden, he would raise Taxes for all those making over $400,000 a year, and the rapper is well over that. Thus, like other black celebrities before him, Lil Pump is choosing to sell out the people who support him so that he can stay rich.
    What’s even more depressing is that Lil Pump is a Hispanic American, who has been one of Trump’s most frequent victims of terror. Yet none of that matters to Rappers like Pump or others because they are more concerned with if they will be able to buy more jewelry next year or not.
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