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    Lil Nas X Stopped His Concert To “Drop Demons” Backstage

    Celebrities have embarrassing moments just like regular people. Recently, Lil Nas X had to stop his concert mid performance for a much-needed bathroom break. According to the young rapper, he had to “drop demons” backstage for a hot minute. Furthermore, the “Holiday” rapper has been going strong on his Long Live MONTERO Tour until now. Nature calls the oddest of times.

                Nature Calls To Lil Nas X During A Live Concert

    drop demons
    via XXL Mag

    Lil Nas X has always been known to have a sense of humor. His comedic relief in music videos and even his social media content has made him one of the most endearing artist to watch. Though, he might’ve overshared just a little too much information during one of his recent concerts in Atlanta at the Coca-Cola Roxy venue.

    In a video shared to his Twitter page, the young emcee explained that he had to go back stage for a bathroom break. He promised his fans at the time, that he’d back on stage in a minute or two. Arguably, it would’ve made more sense for the rapper to go before hitting the stage. At least, it wasn’t worse than the time Justin Bieber threw up on stage after having a bad combination of pasta and milk.

                He Had To Drop Some Demons

    drop demons
    via DIY Magazine

    The very next day, Lil Nas X retweeted the post, expressing his amusement at the fact that people thought he’d been joking. Turns out, the 23-year-old was dead serious. According to Lil Nas X, he dropped “some serious demons into the toilet.” Obviously, fans want to know everything about their favorite celebrity or idols, but somethings should stay unsaid. Talk about TMI.



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