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    Lil Nas X Didn’t Plan To Come Out, He Was ‘Pushed By Universe’

    Lil Nas X is gay and spiritual AF!

    Lil Nas X said in a recent interview with TIME that he didn’t initially plan to come out as gay.

    Alos, He says he only revealed it after being “pushed by the universe.”

    The rapper, who went viral was his hit “Old Town Road,” said he’d been taught from a young age that homosexuality “is never going to be OK,” and told TIME magazine that he was afraid of losing fans if he came out.

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    When @lilnasx's debut single “Old Town Road” exploded online early this year and began climbing the charts, industry prognosticators anticipated a quick rise and fall. It’s now the longest-running No. 1 song in history, having occupied the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 19 weeks. It’s been streamed more than a billion times on @spotify alone. All of this has made “Old Town Road” the defining sound of the year, a slurry, genre-busting interpolation of two quintessential American musical genres: #country and hip-hop. Yet even from his perch, writes Andrew R. Chow, Lil Nas is still an outlier. There aren’t many black stars in country #music; there aren’t many queer stars in #hiphop. There aren’t many queer black stars in American culture, point-blank. The fact that Lil Nas has risen so far and so fast testifies not only to his skill, but also to the erosion of the systems that for generations kept #artists like him on the sidelines. At a time when debates about categorization and identity are ubiquitous, Lil Nas X represents a more unified vision of the future, one in which a young #queer black man can dominate popular #culture by being unapologetically himself. “Everything lined up for this moment to take me to this place,” he says now. “Not to sound self-centered, but it feels like I’m chosen, in a way, to do this stuff.” Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @kelianne for TIME; animation by @brobeldesign; “Old Town Road” (p) 2019 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    “I know the people who listen to [country music] the most, and they’re not accepting of homosexuality,” said Lil Nas X, whose hit single successfully combines elements of country and hip-hop.

    Meanwhile, Lil Nas X told the magazine that Pride month ended up motivating him to open up about his sexuality.

    “In June, I’m seeing Pride flags everywhere and seeing couples holding hands – little stuff like that,” the rapper said, adding, “I never would have [come out] if I wasn’t in a way pushed by the universe.”

    “Deada– thought I made it obvious,” the rapper tweeted, referencing a rainbow on one of his album covers.

    Subsequently, the rapper has seemed to embrace his decision to come out, tweeting in late July:

    “Wow man last year I was sleeping on my sister’s floor…”

    “…had no money, struggling to get plays on my music, suffering from daily headaches, now I’m gay.”

    Anyway, howver Lil Nas X came out, we all know he is brave!

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