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    Lil Nas X Demands Respect From The HipHop Culture

    New artists sometimes have a hard time convincing people to take them seriously. Rarely, can they win over the respect from their peers. For instance, Lil Nas X certainly doesn’t feel the love from any of his rapper friends. Despite being one of the biggest breakout stars of the year, he still hasn’t won over the HipHop scene. Fortunately, Lil Nas X doesn’t let the hate stop him from being his true self. Now the rapper demands that the HipHop Culture accept him.

                Lil Nas X Doesn’t Feel Respected From The HipHop Culture

    HipHop Culture
    via Los Angeles Times

    Lil Nas X’s return to music proves that he’s not a one-hit wonder. In fact, the 25-year-old has released hit after hit since his 2020 “Holiday” track. The song marked his return to the music scene and with a little bit of flare. Clearly, the rapper has mastered the art of producing good music with a catchy hook. Not to mention, his music video treatments are out-of-this-world good. Moreover, his artistry has placed him at the top on nearly every music chart. Though, despite all his success, he still fails to gain the respect from his peers in the rap game. Worse yet, the HipHop culture doesn’t accept him.

                The Young Rapper Just Wants Acceptance

    HipHop Culture
    via Polish News

    It’s no secret that the rap and HipHop scene has a major homophobia issue that needs addressing. The backlash Lil Nas X experienced from his 2021 BET Awards performance blatantly shows the lack of inclusivity in HipHop culture. However, Lil Nas X seems more than eager to change the old doctrine.

    During an interview with XXL Magazine, the rapstar noted that despite the lack of respect from his peers, he knows he deserves a place in HipHop. “But these are communities that I am a part of, whether people would like it or not. This is something that I wanted to do because, not that my entire album is rap, but there are rap tracks on my album.” Ready or not, the rapper made it clear he’s going change HipHop for the better.


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