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    Lil Mo DGAF: Says She Is Still Ridin’ For R.Kelly

    In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Lil Mo says that she is still ridin’ for R.Kelly.

    Lil Mo had a whole lot to say when she recently came on the Breakfast Club. She started off  dissing Queen Naija. She said that Naija being “light skinned” Is the reason for  her popularity growth. She also hinted that there were more talented people than her.  In addition to all of that, Mo says that Naija and her team do not respect the legends of the industry.

    “Since when is it okay to disrespect the legends and the OGs? There are some motherf*ckers that get on my nerves, but I know that if they came first, you show them respect.”

    That was not the most shocking part! When she was asked about R.Kelly, she said:

    “It gets to a point when I say, ‘I ain’t see nothing.”


    She then explained that she has a history with R.Kelly so she is going to”ride for” him. Lil Mo is one of many people who have defended R.Kelly. And this type of enabling is what allowed R.Kelly to prey on little girls for two decades. Lil Mo is an example of how you should not treat a sexual predator. Sadly though, there are more people like her, who are still in R.Kelly’s corner like KanyeWest and DJ Paul. 

    But, what do you think of what Lil Mo said?Please comment below and for more news, keep it locked to!

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