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    Lil Kim Wants An Actress From “Her Hood” To Star In Her Biopic

    Fans love learning about the interesting backstories of their favorite entertainers. Now that the Salt-N-Pepa biopic is out and in full swing, people are anticipating the next celebrity biography. Recently, rapper Lil Kim offered her life story up for grabs to film producers. As it turns out, the rap legend just may get her wish. She’s already teased an upcoming project in the works. Additionally, Lil Kim has tapped songwriter Teyana Taylor for the starring role. The two apparently have a lot in common, including hailing from the same Hood.

    Lil Kim And Teyana Taylor Are From The Same Hood

    via Page Six

    Biopics have increased in popularity over the years. Film studios love giving fans an inside look into a celebrity’s life, whether that be their upbringing or love life. Female icon Lil Kim recently teased a biopic about her life and rise to stardom. She’s even made Teyana Taylor her first choice to take on the led role.

    During a recent interview with Essence magazine, the “Crush On You” emcee gushed about the multi-talented Teyana Taylor. Not only is Lil Kim a fan of Teyana, but she also shares a similar background with the singer. The 46-year-old explained to Essence magazine that she’d want “someone from the same the Hood as her” to take on the lead role. Apparently, Lil Kim shares a bond with Teyana Taylor. Given how talented the “Morning” singer is, there’s no doubt she’d nail playing the part of Lil Kim.

                          Teyana Taylor Says “Yes”

    via Rap-Up

    Of course, no one in their right mind would say no to taking the lead role in a biopic about Lil Kim. Teyana Taylor certainly didn’t turn down the offer. The singer has previously starred in a biopic about a musical icon and she’s ready to tackle another. After learning about Lil Kim’s biopic, Taylor seemingly agreed to take on the starring role. Taylor shared a screenshot of the rap legend’s tweets that mention her as her first choice, before captioning, “One thing about them doors . . . they open.” She couldn’t be more right. Hopefully, these two will actually link up. By them growing up in the same Hood, they’ll probably hit it off.





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