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    Lil Kee Mourns His Loved Ones In New Track “Letter 2 My Brother”

    For too long, the rap community has lost several great talents. Even rap stars themselves have lost friends and loved ones along the way. Newcomer Lil Kee lost his older brother Lamar some time ago. Lil Kee pens his feelings about the loss.

    Having only been in the rap game since the age of 18, the Atlanta-based rapper has captivated audiences with his life out in the streets and mournful tales of loss. Despite the loss of his brother, Lil Kee chose to keep the memory of him alive through music and song. In his newest track “Letter 2 My Brother,” Lil Kee immortalizes and at the same time, mourns his loved ones.

    The Atlanta Rapper’s Vulnerability Make Him Relatable

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    Crime and gang violence unfortunately plague the landscape of the rap scene. It can often be hard to see past the endless string of violence, especially living in a bad part of town. Fortunately, Lil Kee seems to have made his way through the darkness but putting all his anger, frustration and sorrow in song. His cousin’s death compelled the artist to use music as his therapy. 

    It’s no wonder that emotional hits like “Hear Me Out” gained so much attention and love from fans. Even Lil Baby took notice of Lil Kee’s infectious vulnerability and signed him to his 4PF label in 2020. Other tracks that followed, “By Myself” and “Can’t Trust”, continued to show Lil Kee’s vulnerability. At just 20-years-old, he has established a sound that’s both refreshing and relatable.

    Lil Kee’s Letter To His Brother

    Recently, the Alabama native dropped his newest track “Letter 2 My Brother” where he carries on the memory and legacy of his older brother, Lamar. Furthermore, the song finds Lil Kee fighting back the pain of the loss of his brother. At the same time, he wishes his brother were still alive. The music video, in particular, shows the rapper maintaining an impassive composure.

    However, his verses contradict his seemingly calm-demeanor, whereas they reveal his real pain. At one point, the “Sacrifice” artist raps that he “doesn’t want to love anymore or hug anymore.” He even turns to drugs to help deal with the death of his brother. Additionally, he details that their “big sister still cries” over the loss of their sibling. Though, the lyrics turn from mournful to more gritty and violent as he details the hardships of growing up in the hood. The verse “they’ll shoot you, they don’t care” shows the ever-present gang violence that stalks rappers, including Lil Kee.

    Apart from his verse, the mournful atmosphere of the video further draws out Lil Kee’s pain. Moreover, the piano runs, guitar riffs, the visuals of a cemetery and Lil Kee rapping in the pouring rain, all add to the sensitive nature of the song. The young emcee’s song “Letter 2 My Brother” definitely pulls at our heart strings.

    Lil Baby Sees His Talent

    From the moment Lil Kee used music to ease his pain, he became a hit. Lil Baby certainly saw the potential in the young emcee. Having signed him to his 4PF label, he views Lil Kee as the next big rap star.

    “I can definitely see him up next . . . Only thing he gotta do is keep his formula and just keep putting out music and he got it,” Lil Baby told XXL Magazine.

    Be sure to check out more music from the emotionally-charged rap artist.

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