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    Lil Karma iPhone-X Brings About Creativity

    Lil Karma, rising Rap-Rockstar hailing from New Jersey is here with his new single “iPhone X”. 

    The bass-heavy record is fun and was made for everybody especially the kids that relate to Karma. This record gives the “okay” to have fun, turn-up and be free while listening. When people listen to music they try to contain themselves in public.

    Furthermore, the artist prefers his listeners to be themselves and enjoy the happy place this song puts you into. Lil Karma iPhone X is the sound needed in this day and age in the world of music.

    With iPhones being used largely on a daily basis globally and the joy one gets from being #teamiPhone and/or getting a new iPhone. Above all, it was currently he named the song after the world’s most popular smartphone.

    ” iPhone X was made off of a vibe late night in the studio. I wanted to express to my listeners it’s okay to have fun, be lit and overall happy enjoying life without being so serious all the time. I want to see the people have alot of fun with this song. Get WILD. But please be SAFE lol! I enjoy the reaction from young kids on this song because it gives them a place to go when they feel alone and listen to my music. They relate to me and I get them in a happy space.” — Lil Karma on “iPhone X”

    Karma’s music set to reach the masses and he has no plans on slowing down until it does! Please be sure to connect with Karma on Instagram for all announcements on new music, performances, videos etc. In conclusion, what are your thoughts on Lil Karma iPhone X single? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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