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    Lil Durk Supported Coi Leray When She Almost Decided To Give Up

    When it comes to dealing with the pressures of fame and fortune, many young stars can’t handle the hype. Not to mention many stars crumble under the daily negative comments they receive. “No More Parties” Coi Lerary, for one, has faced her fair share of negativity and criticisms. The worst moment for the female artist came when she did a live performance and audiences completely disregarded her. Of course, Leray has always defended herself against the haters. However, as of recent, the female rapper seemly hit rock bottom. Luckily, her friend and fellow rapper Lil Durk helped support her. In the end, the Chicago rapper convinced Coi Lerary not to give up.

                Coi Leray Says Lil Durk Reminded Her To Never Give Up

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    While the artists have some major wins, she’s also taken a few Ls as well. In fact, the 22-year-old nearly gave up singing and rapping after having crumbled under the pressure. In the past, Coi Leray received criticisms over her voice, her braces and especially her body image. Fortunately, Leray has friends in high places to help remind her that she belongs in the industry. On September 27th, Coi Leray took to Instagram to reflect over the course of her early career. Furthermore, she even discussed how grateful she’s been to receive support from her fellow rap colleague Lil Durk.

    Turns out the Chicago rapper has had her back since day 1.  “Most artist show love from a distance on some weird s**t but this man right here believed in me, believe in ‘No More Parties’ and been behind me ever since. He know a star when he see one and I just wanna thank you for all your support. OTF FOREVER,” Leray wrote on her Instagram stories. It’s clear to see that Coi Leray has a great supporter. Fortunately, he stopped Leray from giving up and making the biggest mistake of her life.

                Lil Durk & Coi Leray Mesh Well Together

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    Both Lil Durk and Coi Leray are each other’s fans. They’ve even made a few tracks together. Most recently, the two rap stars joined forces on Coi Leray’s “No More Parties” track. Moreover, the song placed at the No. 26th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. In a short period of time, the song has went on to become certified platinum. It’s a good thing Coi Leray didn’t give up after all. Additionally, the female emcee is currently headlining Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s Back Outside Tour. Looks like Leray’s hard work paid off in the end.


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