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    Lil Baby’s Music Video For ‘The Bigger Picture’ Conveys An Important Message

    Released on June 12th, Lil Baby’s new music video for his single “The Bigger Picture” has already reached over 5 million views on YouTube. The video is made up of protest footage from the past couple weeks in light of the murder of George Floyd and many others. The footage is very emotional as protesters are shown marching and holding their signs. Media coverage is shown throughout the music video reflecting on what has taken place the past couple weeks. Lil Baby himself is seen standing with a group of protesters wearing Black Lives Matter shirts, rapping and raising his hand in solidarity.


    Lil Baby confronts police brutality against black people in his lyrics and encourages the young to vote. He covers various stereotypes that black people face everyday. In the first verse, he raps directly about George Floyd being murdered by police in Minneapolis. Lil Baby also touches on institutional racism within the United States. In the last verse, he raps about how everyone forgot about COVID-19 once these protests started. Lil Baby says this is just the beginning of change for the world. His lyrics are straight forward and strong in this song.


    The video is extremely moving to watch. Lil Baby uses his platform to spread awareness to the problem rather than rapping about other topics. Other artists and celebrities should follow his lead and speak out on the Black Lives Matter Movement through their music.


    Watch the “The Bigger Picture” Here:


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