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    Lil Baby Takes Home The Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award

    Celebrities enjoy giving back to the community. It’s always great to see stars paying it forward. Lil Baby definitely loves to give back to his community. He’s done so much charitable work that it didn’t take long for his efforts to finally be realized.

    Recently, the Atlanta rapper received a Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award this week. Not only has Lil Baby given back to the community, but he’s also promoting racial justice for the black community.

    Lil Baby Becomes The New Recipient Of An Award

    via Yahoo

    It goes without saying that Lil Baby deserves a standing ovation. The Atlanta rapper has done more for his community than most stars. Furthermore, the “Drip Too Hard” rapper has done everything from putting on a “Back To School Fest” to offering 100 jobs to black youth in Atlanta. He even created a $150,000 “My Turn” scholarship, that gave away money to several students at his former highschool. All in all, his hardwork and charitable efforts paid off in the end.

    This week, Lil Baby took home a Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award at the 2nd annual Music in Action Awards Gala. Furthermore, the award is received by those who demonstrate a strong desire to promote social and racial justice, especially in the black community. Lil Baby definitely deserves the award.

    The Rapper Now Understands What It Means To Be A Humanitarian

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    While the rapper took home the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award, he didn’t know it meant to accept such an honorary recognition. Furthermore, the “Do We Have A Problem?” rapper stated that he didn’t know what the word “Humanitarian” meant, until he finally did some research. “I just want to say that I appreciate everybody in here because nothing that we are doing or trying to do can be done by one person. It’s gonna take all of us to stick together and stay together,” he said in a statement. The artist definitely knows how to bring people together for a good cause.



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