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    Lil Baby Drops “Street Gossip” Feat. Gucci Mane, Offset, Gunna, & More

    Lil Baby drops “Street Gossip”, his newest solo LP that features the likes of Gucci Mane, Gunna, Offset and many more.

    Fader named Lil Baby the Rookie of The Year back in May, and Lil Baby admits pridefully that he’s only been doing the rap thing for about a year.

    “Yeah, I’ve been rapping for like 13 months,” he explained. “I ain’t even gonna say that I found my style or sound yet because I’m still liable to switch it up. When I go into the booth, depending on the beat, I could come up with something different.”

    Street Gossip showcases Lil Baby’s wide range of lyrical skillsets and is set to impress the masses that follow his craft. Stream the album below via Spotify or Apple Music.

    Stream now:

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