Lil B Decided to Lift The Curse He Put on James Harden

Lil B Decided to Lift The Curse

Lil B (The Based God) has finally decided that the three year “curse” he put on James Harden of the Houston Rockets has been enough.

The announcement was made via Instagram by Rap-a-Lot Records founder J.Prince’s son, J. Prince Jr.

James Harden was “cursed” after he refused to give Lil B his props for the famous cooking dance in 2015, as the league went into a frenzy over it. Lil B created the celebratory dance and only asked to be credited. When it didn’t happen, the curse began on Lil B’s end, lasting three years in total.

It’s believed that the “curse” that was placed on James Harden has ultimately been effective, keeping the NBA star from excelling in the NBA Playoffs, holding him away from Championship gold.

Let’s see if James Harden and the Houston Rockets advance this upcoming NBA season with the “curse” being lifted.



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