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    Chris Brown Reputation Is Tarnished Again! Lewd Sexual Acts..Menstrual

    Lewd sex acts with a women while on her menstrual??!!

    Chris Brown isn’t hasn’t been having the best of luck as of lately. The talented artist has been going through ups and downs since over the last decade. Early on in his Brown’s stage presences along with his choroegraphy lead the world of entertainment believe the second coming of Michael Jackson.

    Later on that belief would only be a myth, as Chris developed a bad persona from several bad choices made. One thing we will always remember is the altercation with pop star Rihanna. Earlier this year Brown commented on a social post of Rihanna’s, which led to several fans going off on Christ Brown for his IG comments. Furthermore, Brown even had a physical run in with the bigger then life Canadian artist Drake. Everyone has seemingly caught the hands of the Virginia native, even a former manager looking to fix Brown’s image.

    The former manager attempted to sue the artist, and has requested his urine sample. Unfortunately it was chuck the deuces, as Brown never showed up for the sample.

    Perhaps the best thing that came out of Brown’s struggles is a beautiful baby girl. Despite trying to get pass the drama, him and baby mama Nia Guzman are working out the kinks in their parenting. Despite Brown’s bad karma Brown reportedly spent a merry Christmas with Royalty, his daughter. Now the entertainer will face 6 months in jail for a pet monkey. Unfortunately, Brown has more drama on the horizon that will ensure the media have a field day. A woman who will remain unnamed is claiming that while at Brown’s mansion, that he blocked off his room and forced her to perform oral sex on several individuals. The woman in question says that the lewd sex acts were forced.

    The twist that gives us the chills is that one of the participants menstrual cycle was on while receiving oral sex. Can Brown turn his reputation around at this point?? What has to be done in order to fix his image? Leave your comments below, and for more gossip keep it locked to!


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