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    Lev Parnas Tells All In Bombshell Interview

    Today speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, signed the articles of impeachment. After adding new information from Lev Parnas, the house leaders walked and hand-delivered the articles to the senate.

    Meanwhile, in a stunning turn of events, One of the innermost associates of Rudy Guliani and Donald Trump has finally broken his silence.

    Lev Parnas, in what may be an attempt to save himself, Has turned over text messages between himself and republican congressional candidate Robert f. Hyde.

    Apparently, Robert Hyde in text messages appeared to have had the American Ambassador to Ukraine under surveillance. In one text message, it sounds as if Hyde was planning to have the Ambassador murdered.

    In a statement, Hyde stated that he was drunk and that the text was meant to be jokes. However, the maliciousness of the messages would say otherwise.

    Through a stroke of grace, the Ambassador was removed in the middle of the night by the state department due to safety concerns.

    Mike pence, Donald trump, William Barr, Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton all knew… They were all in the loop.

    In a bombshell interview with Rachel Maddow, Parnas claims Trump, Pence, Bolton, Barr, and Nunes were all in the loop.

    That they knew the plan to withhold aid to Ukraine in return for an investigation into Joe Bidens, son.

    Parnas spills the beans

    Lev Parnas Tells All In Bombshell-1

    Lev Parnas is facing criminal charges for illegal campaign financing. He was arrested in Texas on October 10th, 2019, trying to flee the country.

    Parnas said that Rudy Guiliani made it known to the Ukrainian president that he was speaking on the authority of Donald Trump.

    After the release of Parnas’s texts, United States Ambassador Maria Yavonovitch called for an investigation into the allegations.

    Parnas, in his tell-all interview with Rachel Maddow, also tied Attorney General William Barr to Dimitri Firthash, a Ukranian oligarch with Russian mob ties.

    In what could be seen as a quid quo pro. To discredit the Mueller probe and keep Firtash from being sent to the united states on bribery charges.

    Parnas also linked congressman Devin Nunes to the scandal through his aid. Parnas “stated they already knew what was going on.”

    Devin Nunes, head of the intelligence committee, headed up the investigation into the allegation of the Donald Trump quid quo pro. Which is a conflict of interest

    What’s in it for Parnas?

    What I see is a man who has decided to tell all because it appears that he was going to be the fall guy for this scandal.

    The people Parnas fingered will say he’s only saying that because he’s trying to get a deal in his criminal case. They will call him a liar.

    The allegations by Parnas undoubtedly forced Nancy Pelosi to sign the articles of impeachment.

    If these men, as Parnas has said, are claiming to speak on authority from the President. Then that puts the blame solely on the shoulders of the president.

    These allegations will surely fuel the impeachment trial of Donald Trump due to begin on January 16th.

    Meanwhile, in Russia, the prime minister Dimitri Medvedev and the entire Russian government has resigned. Yes, the whole government.

    Stay tuned as these stories are still developing.

    Lastly, let us know your thoughts on these issues in the comments.


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