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    Let’s Strive For Balance

    I usually write about Fashion, but I realized that everything is intertwined. In fashion, there must be a consistent balance between execution, creativity and practicality. In knowing this, I believe that life is all about Balance.

    Good and Bad, light and dark, positive and negative–it all equates to a formula rooted in calibrating all components to reach a happy medium.

    But there is something special about having balance between your mind and body that will save you from a psychotic break. Trust me, I’ve been there…last night actually. Thank God I have the coolest boss on earth who listened to my mad scientist rant for an hour. Without him, I would have not been able to share these awesome tips with you all.

    These are not law, but they have helped me remain sane these past couple of days.

    1.Learn To Say No


    3.Have fun

    4.Turn off your phone, t.v. and computer for an hour

    5.Read a good book

    1. Spend time with your friends and family

    7.Treat and pamper yourself

    1. Remove negative people and circumstances from your life

    2. Remember to be grateful

    3. Stop and Breath!

    Hope this helps guys!


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