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    Freddie Foolay Talks New Album, Philly Music Scene

    Philadelphia’s own Freddie Foolay is ready to blaze his own trail and make great music while he does it. After finding his calling in music during his high school days at Philadelphia’s High School for Creative and Performing Arts, he started to take music seriously and never looked back. Now, the 24 year-old is a CEO of his own label Live Out Ur Dreams Records, and a curator of his own concert Litapendance Day, Freddie is clearly ahead of the curve as a rising artists.

    Freddie Foolay released two singles off of his upcoming album “Will Of Fortune” that give two different vibes and show his versatility as an artist. He premiered the single “Burning Me Out” here on Hypefresh yesterday. This song will definitely get you hype and get the party started! “Still Gon Ride” is a much calmer vibe that samples the classic “You Don’t Know My Name” from R&B legend Alicia Keys. It was originally a freestyle that he just messed around with, but after posting it on social media, his fans wanted it to be much more. “I posted it on Instagram and Twitter and after a few weeks it had around 80k views and 150 RT’s on Twitter.” he said. “The people that liked and retweeted the video were asking me to make it a song because they enjoyed the freestyle so much, so I did. It was a response to the love I was getting.” Make sure you check both of these singles out to hold you over until his album “Will Of Fortune”.

    Check out our interview to learn more about Freddie Foolay’s start in music, thoughts on the Philadelphia music scene, his new album, and his future plans.

    Hypefresh: What got you started in creating music?

    Freddie Foolay: I’ve been into music since I was about 3. I went to CAPA for instrumental music in high school. During my sophomore year, I was failing geometry. My teacher had us do a project midway through the semester and told us to incorporate our art form in the project. I played around with writing raps but I was mainly just playing drums. At the time though, I had a friend that would record himself and his homeboy freestyles all the time and post them on Facebook. We partnered up for the project, he brought his laptop and his mic to school and we recorded a song about the rules of geometry over the beats for Children’s Story by Slick Rick & N*ggas in Paris by Hov and Ye. The song raised my average enough for me to pass the course with a C. I wasn’t sure if music was my calling at first but from there I knew. 

    Hypefresh: What part of Philly are you from? How does your upbringing in Philly affect your sound and content in your music?

    Freddie Foolay: Originally I’m from Southwest Philly, but I grew up and spent most of my childhood in Northeast Philly.

    Philly gives me an edge. Everything is just a bit more raw when it comes from here, still pristine though. We bare our souls in a passionate way, you can’t ignore it. Everything I’ve lived through growing up allows me the advantage of many different perspectives. I know the light and the dark. 

    Philly gives me an edge. Everything is just a bit more raw when it comes from here, still pristine though. We bare our souls in a passionate way- Freddie Foolay
    Hypefresh: Where do you think you fit in the Philadelphia music scene?

    Freddie Foolay: I think I fit in as the bridge between all the different vibes in Philly. I’m what connects it all, from old, new, to obscure. 

    Hypefresh: Explain your motivation for creating Live Out Ur Dreams? Explain what Live Out Ur Dreams can do for other rising artists?

    Freddi Foolay: I created Live Out Ur Dreams because Philly doesn’t have that Motown, or that Badboy, Roc-A-Fella. That space needs to be filled.

    Live Out Ur Dreams is small right now but, within the next 5-10 years it will be one of foundational components of the hub and machine that churns out developed musicians, artists, creatives and entertainment moguls. It’s the spark that will connect the dots for our own, thriving, industry; Something we’ve been missing for a long time. Live Out Ur Dreams will give Philly natives a blueprint/formula to follow and set the bar for foreigners to try and reach. 

    Hypefresh: Talk about Litapendance Day 2019. What was the process like organizing that event? 

    Freddie Foolay: Litapendence Day 2k19 was grueling and exhilarating. My team is really small right now so a lot of the workload falls directly on me to not only be the creative director but also a foot soldier. That’s what leaders do though so ultimately it’s worth the effort. My intention for Litapendence Day is to be a staple for the city. A holiday. I had to come up with the concept from scratch and reach out to folks within my circle and beyond to bring all the pieces together like, sound, stage, vendors, volunteers and more. I hand picked the entire lineup and booked the artists myself with the exception of maybe 1 or 2. It’s a family event. As I mentioned, my team is small but the ones I have go hard for me, so we get it done and have a good time. It was a 6 month process.

    Hypefresh: What is your mindset and thought process for creating your next project “Will Of Fortune”?

    My way of thinking for Will of Fortune has been to challenge myself artistically and musically, make music I absolutely love and be as true to me and who i’m becoming as I possibly can. It was all about making something that would stand the test of time. First impressions are everything so, your first project determines the trajectory of your entire career. I plan on setting the tone not just for me but for the rest of the city. I want to truly give people access to who I am.

    Hypefresh: What is the meaning behind the title “Will Of Fortune?” 

    Freddie Foolay: It’s a message for everyone but, especially people of color, those who deal with oppression, scrutiny, poverty and so on that if your will is strong enough you can make anything you want possible. You’re already fortunate because of that and no one can take that from you. 

    Hypefresh: When can we expect the release date?

    Freddie Foolay: I dislike giving info on dates before things are finalized but, I’m projecting to let you guys know before the summer’s out. 

    Hypefresh: What can the listeners expect from “Will Of Fortune”?

    Freddie Foolay: The listeners can expect a refined version of what I’ve been previewing so far as well as nuances and experimentation with my styles. I really wanted to take everyone on a journey and I wasn’t satisfied until It felt like one from start to finish.

    Hypefresh: What are your 5 favorite artists to listen to? What is your favorite project from those artists?

    Freddie Foolay:

    Frank Ocean: Blonde

    Drake: Nothing Was The Same

    J. Cole: Born Sinner

    Jay-Z/Kanye West: Watch the Throne

    Freddie Foolay: Will of Fortune

    No particular order.

    Hypefresh: What artist do you dream of collaborating with? 

    Freddie Foolay: Frank Ocean

    Hypefresh: What Is your biggest accomplishment as an artist so far?

    Freddie Foolay: To be honest, nothing stands out in particular at the moment. I’d love it if we could revisit this question after my project drops though. 

    Hypefresh: How have you adjusted to the conditions we are in now? How has COVID-19 affected  your process for creating music or any future plans for your career?

    Freddie Foolay: At first I was at a low point and I didn’t know what to do next but, COVID-19 has really pushed me to up my work ethic and adapt. I took on more responsibility and decided to go harder. It’s motivated me. It’s like a state of emergency. When we talk about this time period years from now I think it’s gonna be interesting to see who emerged and flourished through the pressure that COVID-19 has caused. I’ve taken more responsibility in making the most of my time.

    Hypefresh: What kind of mark do you want to leave on the music industry?

    Freddie Foolay: I want to be revered as the best of a generation. To do that I think I have to leave a mark that provokes true self awareness, love of yourself and others.

    Stay tuned to Hypefresh for the latest news in hip hop and the culture!

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