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    John Legend’s On The Verge of EGOT Status

    John Legends On The Verge of EGOT Status 1
    John Legend won a Tony Award Sunday night for his efforts as co-producer of Jitney, which subsequently won the award for best play revival, according to

    August Wilson’s Jitney follows a group of men who try to earn a living by driving unlicensed cabs, or jitneys, in the 1970s, according to Billboard. But, Legend has proven his versatility as an executive producer, taking on projects South side With You and Underground as well.

    “Enlighten, inspire and entertain. I feel like those are the things we look for in projects,” Legend said to Billboard. “Obviously, my day job continues to be music, but I feel like we want to put out art that makes the world more interesting and more beautiful, and we’ve been able to do that.”
    John Legends On The Verge of EGOT Status 2
    With the Tony Award, Legend is one award from EGOT status, or winning an award in all four American entertainment awards. It was in 2015 when Legend began his quest for EGOT status, intentional or not. Assisted by Chicago rappers Common, born Lonnie Lynn Jr. and Rhymefest, born Che Smith, Legend wrote “Glory” as the theme song for the 2014 film Selma.

    John Legends On The Verge of EGOT Status 3
    Additionally, the song peaked at no. 49 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and won multiple Grammys in addition to a 2015 Oscar for best original song. You can check out the video for the song here.

    Also, Common co-starred in the film as Civil Rights Movement leader James Bevel. Bevel was director of Direct Action and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). In this role, Bevel masterminded three victories during the Civil Rights Movement: the 1963 Birmingham Children’s Crusade, the 1965 Selma voting rights movement, and the 1966 Chicago open housing movement.

    Legend is now an Emmy Award away from EGOT status, and he could earn a nomination for his song “In America” he created for WGN America’s Underground. We look forward to Legend obtaining said status.

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