Lee Mazin Talks The Pitfalls Of Female Recording Artists

Lee Mazin Talks The Pitfalls Of Female Recording Artists

In a recent interview with Power 99 FM, rising Hip-Hop recording artist Lee Mazin touched on some key loopholes in the entertainment industry regarding female Emcees. Covering an array different subjects, the main point she drove home tackled the issue of equality and respect for talented diva bar-spitters.

“When I hear dudes say ‘Yo… you hot to be a female‘.. Naw, If I’m hot – i’m hot. Being a woman has nothing to do with my talent.”

And as true as this statement is, it’s unfortunate that women (regardless of how much talent they possess) get categorized and boxed off. When one of Power 99’s radio hosts asked Lee Mazin about her ‘competing’ in a male dominated industry, she responded with wit and intelligence:

“I feel like female artists get looked at as the ‘underdog’. As if we can’t be just as talented –if not on the same level than male artists.

It’s not uncommon to find this issue to be present amongst the elite in the music industry. However, this plague is also finding it’s way into the indie ranks of rising tastemakers. A great example is BIA’s Remix to O.T. Genasis’s ‘Cut It’.No disrespect, but HYPEFRESH staff favored her featured verse more than the original male dominated cut in rotation.

We’re just saying.

It’s safe to say, Lee Mazin has a valid point. The male dominance in the recording industry isn’t going anywhere. But do we have to categorize our female bar-spitters on the mic? If both Male/female are in the same arena, why does it matter who’s scoring the touchdowns?

But then again, that would be too much like right.

(Due to this article being soured directly from a live interview on air, HYPEFRESH is still awaiting the official interview to be released from Power 99. Stay tuned for this update.)


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