Don’t Worry…LeBron James Is a Human Machine…He’ll Beat the Injury

LeBron James Is a Human Machine

After a groin injury left LeBron James limping off the court, Magic Johnson is calming the nerves of some very worried sports fans.

James got hurt during the Christmas day game against the Golden State Warriors. He’s 34-years-old, and so far, hasn’t really suffered any game-ending injuries. But this one has people speculating that the 34-year-old might be ready to hit the bench for good. However, both James and Johnson are insisting people relax.

Johnson told TMZ, “We don’t worry about what people say.” He later added, “I’m happy and we’ll be okay.”

James plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, a team which Johnson serves as the president of basketball operations for. Johnson is confident that James will make a healthy return.

Just recently, James was talking about how if he kept his good health up, he could potentially be playing in the NBA during the same time that his son, LeBron Jr., enters. This news comes just days after Lebron made Jewish jokes and NFL comments. 

As for now, James just wishes his teammates the best of luck. “Play hard, play together, play Laker basketball,” he said.

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