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    Leah Harris Tells Artists To Follow Their Dreams In “Shine”

    Canadian singer Leah Harris has one of the most unique voices in today’s music scene. From a young age, the artist learned to play the  piano and gained superior songwriting skills from her father, who was a country music artist. Influenced heavily by greats like Alicia Keys, Prince, Amy Winehouse and Aaliyah, Harris puts her own modern spin on 90s R&B and soul music.

    Furthermore, she has thousands of streams on Spotify, featured several times on the cover of magazines, and received praise from other R&B artists like Montell Jordan. People may recognize Harris’s debut 2014 EP I Don’t Believe In Love and her recent EP Treat Me Good. With so many sign-offs from R&B elites and dropping well-received records, Leah Harris clearly has an ear for music. More importantly, she’s continued to pursue her musical aspirations throughout the years without fail.

    Her newly released track “Shine” that dropped May 20, encourages artists to follow their dreams.

    “Shine” Celebrates An Artist’s Dream

    There’s a saying that a person must have grit to pursue their dreams. Leah Harris’s “Shine” encourages artists to follow their creative passions and never give up. Specifically, the song features the verse “it’s never too late for you to pursue your dreams.”

    While the song acts as an encouraging anthem for artists, Harris proves that she doesn’t need a huge voice to get her message across. Her light and melodic tone acts as a direct contrast to a song that normally requires a big bravado tone. She certainly brings something new to the table. Additionally, “Shine” was produced by Sal Oliveri, who’s created Grammy-nominated tracks for P!nk and Chris Stapleton. Obviously, it helps to familiarize ourselves with big names in the music industry.

    Recently, the Canadian artist hosted a release party for “Shine” at New York City’s renowned Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar. With more to come, the soul singer plans to release the music video for the song in July this year. According to a press release, the visual will feature Muralist Andaluz The Artist spray-painting an old piano. He’ll be joined by lead Broadway performer Olutayo, who’ll perform a self-choreographed dance number that fans won’t want to miss. Clearly, Harris surrounds herself with equally great creatives.

    Inspiration Behind “Shine”

    Leah Harris via

    Given the context of Leah Harris’s song “Shine” it’s clear that other artists played as inspiration for the track. In the press release, the artist admitted that it takes perseverance to pursue a dream.  “I wrote this song as a reminder that, even though it can be a tough road, the unique work of creatives is impactful and deeply appreciated,” the songwriter and pianist said. Moreover, Leah Harris performs regularly in New York and internationally. Currently, she’s gearing up to release her second single before the year ends.

    Check out music from Leah Harris on all her social media platforms.







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