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    Leading Songs To Add To Your Playlist EP 3

    We plow through January at breakneck speed, and it’s time to list our favorite songs from the past week.

    Ouida – “Belong With You”

    The new single “Belong With You” continues this year’s dreamy theme established by previous releases but is even slightly more atmospheric and reverb-filled. With a voice that always touches, it’s no longer a question of whether Ouida manages to get in but how good the song is.

    Henry K – “Toxic Love”

    Henry K’s energy comes from a sweaty club’s cool, groovy rhythms. Ridiculously fond of the combination of voice and production, this release is one of the week’s best.

    Josh Alxndr – “Wasting Time”

    With a unique voice and a talent for magical voices, Josh Alxndr recently released the new single “Wasting Time,” a beautifully constructed piano ballad where the artist’s voice is allowed to shine.

    Party Nails x Boy Sim – “Like U”

    Party Nails and Boy Sim recently stormed the music industry with their new single titled “Like U.” With an electronically maximized production like a slap in the face, this is the song for you if you’re looking for an anthem to overcome something harsh.

    Aron K – “Insecurities”

    Aron K has found his home again with the new song “Insecurities,” stripped down beautifully and with so much emotion in his voice. Let your mind flow in a state of complete contentment and tenderness so that you are ecstatic with all that is good when the night comes.

    Cherry Blu – “Your Air”

    “Your Air” is a brilliant pop song with beautiful rhythms where the melancholy vocal melodies have a magnificent piano and bass arrangement. We get great emotions and a strong pop melody from this artist, who never disappoints.

    EJA – “Falling”

    EJA continues to build his legacy with the latest uber-pop single, “Falling,” where soft synths and catchy melodies create pop magic for dance floors and playlists.

    Moglii x Mulay – “Hidden in the Mist”

    I’m ridiculously fond of these two artists’ voices, and the production combines the best of both worlds. I also like that it breathes so much pop and presents a nostalgic sound around the elements of indietronica, thus combining uniquely with its well-crafted verses.

    Tamina – “Calling you”

    Tamina has reached new heights with her artistry with her newly released single, “Calling You.” The sound image is spot-on, and I’m fond of the thoughtful touch.

    Moglii x Mulay – “Sunliight”

    “Sunliight” is a song that incorporates a kick-back-relax theme, and that one instantly adds to their playlist because of its energetic and uplifting lyrics. The song captures life’s happy moments and spreads joy. 

    So-Si – “Cali, Pt. 2”

    American So-Si begins the year by establishing a new sound with a neo-soul-scented bass line created for the lounge. The rap song is still there, but the drive and inspiration are entirely different than before. It will be stimulating to see what 2023 has to offer.

    Laniesha – “I Can’t Wait” (Feat. Tristan Price)

    Just before the New Year, American Laniesha and Tristan Price dropped a joint R&B gem cut and cut for the dance floor. Here we get a magnificent chorus, swirling synths, and a hook so simple that anyone can scream it.

    John Bullfrost – “WinninG”

    Swedish singer/songwriter John Bullfrost recently released a new single, “WinninG.” Here, dreamy pop production combines an indie touch and a comforting theme with a classic joyfulness anthem that describes the feeling of being happy.

    Lujza – “Consequences, Pt. 1”

    Classic Australian pop at its best stylish pop that sets high expectations. With a catchy feel, Lujza sings about crying behind a happy facade. There is no Australian artist who touches as deeply as Lujza. In Wishful Thinking, the singer captures hope and melancholy perfectly. Now she’s back to wish us a happy start to 2023.

    Jokrtherapper – “Ralph”

    Pop caramel Jokrtherapper is back, and that’s with a message. Intelligently enough, the artist has named the new single “Ralph.” As one big nostalgic synth roll, the song also carries heartfelt lyrics.

    BNH Deluxe – “FEEL READY”

    Personally, I love when you combine deep lyrics with irony, which BNH Deluxe succeeds in doing in the single “FEEL READY.” Light verses are contrasted with powerful choruses to create a compelling release.



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