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    Welcome to HYPEFRESH’s Weekly Top Songs. This is a segment where we will look at notable new releases from various acts around the globe. This section will not discriminate but will highlight some creative music on our radar.

    Shattered Semblance – “Why Is Everyone Staring”

    Shattered Semblance again creates magic for us with this dreamy and cinematic pop ballad with an excellent arrangement and intense delivery of the lyrics where the singer sings about what it feels like to be in a mental health crisis.

    Amilia Riviglia – “After Hours”

    It feels like everything gets better when it sounds like the 80s. When Amilia Riviglia sprinkles her mysterious vocals and production in perfect harmony with retro glitter over the new single “After Hours.”

    Pat Rogerz – “Where You Been”

    “Where You Been” is a song about living more in the present, something we all need to remember sometimes. When it comes to fresh R&B with a straight pop edge, no one likes Pat Rogerz. His soft relaxing voice and mid-tempo beats are unique.

    Nao Mali – “High Fashion”

    “High Fashion” is a song with a nice bass line, an electrifying attitude, and synth-driven production mixed with a significant top line that settles like chewing gum under the sole of a shoe. With his unique voice, Nao Mali once again delivers on top when he gives us “High Fashion.” 

    Gaisma – “Sunny Side Up”

    Gaisma opens up this week’s list with “Sunny Side Up,” a heartfelt single that displays the Latvia-born artist reflecting as an individual in our current society with a glimpse into the certainly given future. Over a tuneful and sentimental backdrop, she pours out her brilliant lyrics utilizing captivating and pleasurable instrumentation. 

    BELLA DEER – “Bloom”

    Australian artist BELLA DEER stepped out again with a fabulous single entitled “Bloom.” An energetic pop song with fresh adult contemporary sensibilities as she blends her unique vocals incorporated with graphic lyrical schemes and a distinct outpour filled with a moody and airy vibe that keeps you glued in.

    Jess LaPradd – “Stand Up”

    Jess LaPradd is an Indianapolis-based artist who recently released a trendy pop tune called “Stand Up.” the single sees Jess pouring out her emotions on the current state of injustice in our society. She always composes music based on her real-life experiences to fuel sentiment in her listeners to keep them digging and returning for more.

    Cody Miller – “Love Again”

    Cody Miller’s “Love Again” displays a cinematic production where strings, drums, a catchy bass line, and a magical vocal performance by Cody create magic. It’s always impressive to see an artist like Cody who can bring playful synths, big drums, and brass into a song.

    Mr. Opposite – “18 And Stupid!”

    The melody of Mr. Opposite is full of joyful pieces that will leave you smiling throughout the entire song as guitars lie in the background and color the atmospheric soundscape.

    Lodi V – “That’s It, You’re Done”

    American-based singer-songwriter Lodi V disclosed a new single titled “That’s It, You’re Done.” The vocalist and the production are in perfect harmony and are nothing short of brilliant instrumentation. The chorus settled in after the first listen, captivating our hearts, and instantly we had to add to the week’s best releases list.

    Chetna – “Take You There”

    Emerging singer-songwriter Chetna shows the world her talent through the single “Take You There,” utilizing an Electro Pop characteristic. The song uniformly uses its extremely shiny beats and the artist’s beautiful vocals to form a unique, enjoyable composition for her listeners.

    ZENtheRapper – “Somewhere Deep”

    American Alt-Pop rapper ZENtheRapper recently released a new single titled “Somewhere Deep.” ZENtheRapper puts his stamp on the everlasting hit, “Somewhere Deep.” With sparkling synths and a mystical rapping style, the singer creates something that feels innovative and does the original justice.

    Glorynade – “Waiting”

    With a synthy and wonderfully pulsating contemporary R&B production of Glorynade’s beautiful and robust melody, she sets a high bar when she sings about broken relationships. Always good to be able to dance away all misery.

    Tim Knapp – “Simplify”

    Emerging singer-songwriter Tim Knapp returns to the spotlight with this superb single, “Simplify,” which brings a fantastic sound you can relax to while chilling on the weekend. “Simplify” is a match made in heaven as it displays stunning vocals interwoven with atmospheric instrumentation letting the writing flourish to the fullest, as you can enjoy each element of the song to the fullest.

    Good Spells – “Lost Ones”

    “Each element and sample is in its place. Pervaded, atmospheric moments you would enjoy for a long time and relive listening to listeners constantly! Good, exclusive music made with taste, dexterity, and soul.”

    Dessy X – “Stormy Weather”

    Dessy X is here again to overlay our ears with her sharp R&B pop and unpretentious lyrics. With great talent and a strong understanding of which sound image is suitable for a repeat list, it is with excitement that we continue to follow this promising artist.

    The Song Tailors – “Step Off the World”

    One of the most surprising releases of this year is from The Song Tailors, who, with her pop-inspired sound, creates trembles throughout the whole body. Take advantage of this song and remember the artist’s name because the artist will be prominent!

    Avehre – “Greenlight”

    Avehre recently released the single “Greenlight,” and he hits everyone right. The singer presents a unique soundscape with a hooky melody that follows the dreamy vibe the star gave us, which is perfect for the dance floor with a touch of Avehre’s melodies. It is with excitement that we continue to follow this promising German artist. 

    Mary Middlefield – “Two Thousand One”

    The Indie Pop Singer Mary Middlefield recently released a trendy new song, “Two Thousand One,” this composition is the singer’s new bet that squanders her talent in this song. With a very well-made guitar, the song has a piano duet with the string instrument, bringing a pleasant atmosphere for Mary to perform utilizing a soft and lovely voice. She gives a more than special touch to this beautiful song.


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