Lawsuit Doesn’t Stop Amber Rose From Partying

Lawsuit Doesnt Stop Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one of the most outspoken people in the world of entertainment.

Who knew that a statement Amber Rose made last year at the All Def Movie Awards could bring about legal issues. That’s exactly what happened when Amber stated that she brought the Ace Of Diamonds strip club. SKWS Enterprise recently entered into a lawsuit against Amber for slander and requested for $1 million in damages.

Even with the lawsuit being dropped against her earlier this month, a private settlement resolved the issue surrounding her statement. This past Monday, Amber Rose along with longtime friend Blac Chyna was spotted in the club. It seems that when it comes to business, you can never rule out the power of influence. One can assume that Amber and Ace Of Diamonds may have business relations following the dispute.

Over the past few years, Rose has been building her brand, creating the “Slut Walk”, and even creating her own app for supporting women.

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