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    Lauryn Hill’s Daughter Opens Up On Instagram Live

    Lauryn Hill’s daughter, Selah, went on Instagram live this morning to open up about her childhood. This is very unusual because Lauryn Hill’s family and personal life are very private and not much is known to fans.

    Selah went on her Instagram live for about 2 hours to open up to her followers about her childhood and growing up in the Hill family.

    She also discussed her mental health and the effect it had on her relationship with her family.

    Selah went on Instagram live for 2 hours, so of course, everything can’t be covered so here are just the highlights.

    Selah discussed that she has daddy issues because her father wasn’t very present in her childhood.

    She also talked about her mother, saying that she was a very angry woman. She also said that her mother spanked the children, and threatened them as well. It was also revealed that Selah didn’t live with her parents, most of the time she lived with her grandparents.

    Here is some of what Selah said during her live: 

    “Honestly guys, I’m just hurting. I can’t even front that I’m not, I’ve been hurting for so much of my life and so much of my life has been me avoiding how much I’m really hurting just from the circumstances.”

    “It’s crazy, I’m playing this trauma back in my head as I speak to you.”

    If you would like to watch the full Instagram live, click here. 

    What do you think of Lauryn Hill’s daughter Selah said in her live?

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