Lauryn Hill Forced To Cancel In Nashville Due To Hurricane Michael

Lauryn Hill Forced To Cancel

The talented artist known as Lauryn Hill simple wants to say sorry

The amazing vocalist and musician have gained a reputation over the years for canceling and being hours late for performances. This time around it was due to issues out of her control, likes Hurricane Michael.

Lauryn formally apologized to Nashville fans, as weather condition stopped her band from getting to the venue in time. At the moment the artist and her band are on “The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary Tour.

Hill took to Twitter to formally apologize for the cancellation as her band wouldn’t arrive for the concert until after midnight. “Nashville, I am very sorry about the circumstances surrounding tonight’s scheduled performance. Flights for our entire band and most of our crew were grounded due to Hurricane Michael. Flights keep getting delayed, our band now doesn’t arrive until after midnight. We tried to find local musicians that could fill in, but there wasn’t enough time to get it all together.”

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