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    Lauren Smith Fields Update: Cause Of Death Released

    Lauren Smith FieldsLauren Smith Fields, a 23-year-old Black woman ends up dead in her apartment following a Bumble date. The victim’s parents are demanding justice as they feel that authorities are mishandling the case. Smith’s parents are implying that there is blatant denial of a proper investigation. As of Friday, a legal notice was filed in conjunction of a planned law suit against the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut and the police department. Undoubtedly, the family accused the state of racial injustice in regards to Field’s death.

    On Monday, the autopsy of the victim surfaced, indicating that Fields’ death was an accident. Her cause of death was acute intoxication. Doctors found a lethal mixture of fentanyl, hydroxyzine, alcohol and promethazine. The news devastates friends, family and supporters forcing efforts to get to the bottom of the story.

    American Justice Vs. Lauren Smith-Fields

    Despite autopsy results, there is still fault in America’s judicial system when kidnappings and murders happen among Black women. Smith-Fields died in her apartment with an unidentified white male who claims to be oblivious to the situation. According to ABC News, the older white male called the police after finding Fields unresponsive on the floor. The male whose name isn’t publicly visible, took shots of tequila with Lauren before she went to the bathroom to vomit. After returning, the two continued to drink, then Fields fell asleep on the couch. The man claimed that he carried the victim to her bed, and slept next to her.

    The next morning, he found Fields unresponsive with blood coming from her nose. The man frantically called the police. Authorities did not interview the man as a person of interest being that he was the last person to see her before her death.

    According to Buzzfeed, Lauren’s family was never notified after her death. Tavar, Lauren Fields’ brother, claim that the detective boasts insensitive behavior in response to questions about her autopsy. The family said that they found out about her death by her landlord after leaving a note on her door asking the family to call.

    The detective’s explanation: “We didn’t need to reach out to any family member. We had her passport and ID, so we knew who she was, we’ve already done an autopsy. Her body is at the medical examiners office.”

    Black Women vs. American Justice

    Undoubtedly, Black women are not held to the standards of white women in missing person and murder cases. Why is this? Of course racism is a perpetual fault in the American justice system— Black women being the scapegoats.

    The philosophy of being a Black woman in America is poetic and tragic, as we are hated for the same reasons that we are loved. What kind of structure is this where the media protects a white man’s name after he is the last person to see the victim before death? The police dismiss families the same way all over the country, minimizing the worth of Black women before the public. Such behavior teaches the world to resent Black women for no reason at at, simply for being Black.

    How do we battle this? Collectively, we must educate one another about dating on dating apps and the dangers, especially for Black women. America seems to care less about Black women, so we must protect one another.



    1. Now that I read this article, I agree wholeheartedly about the mistreatment of black women. And police are over worked, under paid, and don’t care 2 bits about cases mirroring this case. Whether the black woman is as a victim or not. Domestically, disputes involving different types of assaults and/or assaults ending in death, women are profiled differently, especially the black woman. Women are arrested, convicted & sentenced more harshly than male counterparts. As for this case, I doubt color and/or race played a part. Npi

    2. Let me start by saying it’s sad that it took people like Cardi B to force this to the fore front. 2 unfortunately and please forgive me for saying this, but there still may be no justice for Lauren Fields if the man allegedly involved in her death is criminally charged an Attorney could get him off simply because of the incompetence of the Bridgeport Police Department.

      Lawrence H.

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