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    Lauren London Shares Tribute For Nipsey Hussle

    At the moment it seems like Lauren London is living out a nightmare with the loss of her lover Nipsey Hussle.

    Mourning is a difficult process, and Lauren London is surely going through the rough phase of it. The notorious influential rapper is one that changed plenty of peoples lives. Despite having ties to the street, Nipsey always promoted peace an unity throughout his community. The L.A. rapper is different from most, as he always wanted to share the keys to winning in life. From owning businesses to building up the community Nipsey stood simply for much more.

    Lauren London Grieving

    On Sunday, London went down memory lane posting a picture of her and Nipsey at the recent Grammy awards. The two seems as though they were inseparable, and went just about everywhere together. Despite Lauren having a child from her previous relationship with rapper Lil Wayne, she surely only had eyes for Nipsey. The actor shared this on Instagram:

    Missing You

    The Victory Lap rapper was killing took place on March 31st in South Central L.A.  Above all, the incident took place in front of his “Marathon” clothing store. After hearing the news, many people started questioning the motive of killing the entrepreneur. Nipsey was seen as a modern day Tupac, because of his philosophy on life. Always willing to share and, and invest knowledge into people. Furthermore, it would later be discovered that a personal vendetta is what sparked the gruesome death.

    The executioner fled the scene, but would, later on, be caught in a suburban area in LA. However, conspiracy theorist believes that the killing was because of a government hit. Either way, the world lost an important figure in the world of entertainment, and of politics. Despite his death, the rapper ensured that his family would never want for anything. He was able to set up several streams of income that would take care of his family for decades to come.

    How long will it take for Lauren London grieving to end? Will she ever find love again? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

    Featured Image Credit: The Washington Post


    1. […] Nipsey surely gave the world something special while he walked this earth. However, a battle is ensuing right under our nose. The late rapper sister has been fighting in a legal sense to get legal custody of her niece Emani. Yesterday a judged ruled that the sister would remain in custody of her niece. According to TMZ, the mother’s lawyer Larry Lewellyn, the attorney has been trying to work out a visitation schedule. It has been ruled that Tanisha is unfit to raise the 10-year-old daughter. Tne Nipsey Hussle custody battle is only beginning it seems. […]

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