Texas Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery that Leaves Her Practically Dead

Laura Avilla

A Texas woman traveled to another country, only to face the possibility of dying.

Laura Avila, traveled to Mexico, in anticipation of receiving a nose job. But, what she didn’t anticipate was going into a coma. Avila, a real estate agent, flew to Ciudad Juarez in hopes that she could save a few dollars on the surgery. Unfortunately, the clinic she went to wasn’t properly trained on the procedure. Apparently, the staff administered her anesthesia incorrectly, causing Avila to suffer critical damages to her health.

According to her attorney, Larry Friedman, Avila’s brain swelled after being left under anesthesia for hours, as the doctor made his way to work. Now, her family wants help.

They’ve received expert advice, but they want more options. Doctors have given Avila’s family two choices. Either they keep her on life support, where she’ll remain a vegetable, or pull the plug.

Her family is attempting to transport her body to Dallas, TX, to receive better treatment. But with no insurance, it’s going to be harder than they thought. They’ve set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the expenses.

Avila’s body remains under care in El Paso, TX, until her family can earn enough money to bring her to Dallas.



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