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    Latto’s Next Stop On Tour Will Be The Rainbow Ballroom in Fresno

    It’s been a great year for female rap star Latto. Finally, she’s agreed to change her name from the controversial Mulatto to Latto, performed at the BET Awards and now has gone on tour. The 22-year-old Atlanta, GA native definitely has come a long way from her The Rap Game days. While she was a star on the reality tv show, her stardom has grown in the recent year. Now she has the chance to perform at historical venues, such as the Rainbow Ballroom in Fresno, CA.

                Latto Makes Her Debut Performance On The Rainbow Ballroom Stage

    Rainbow Ballroom
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    Not only has 2020 XXL Freshman Latto experienced tons of success in her early career. Moreover, Latto scored the opportunity of a lifetime by headlining the “Monster Energy Outbreak Tour” for their first tour of 2022. “Monster Energy Outbreak Tour has backed a lot of big artists in the beginning stages of their careers so I’m super excited to work together . . . I’m looking forward to letting loose and having some fun,” Latto said in a news release. Clearly, she’s ready to perform on a big stage, again. It’ll be the first time Latto will headline a huge tour.

    Additionally, she’ll make a debut performance on the Rainbow Ballroom stage in Fresno, CA. The Tour announced Wednesday that Latto will perform at the venue in March 25. According to the schedule, the ballroom will be Latto’s fourth stop on the tour. By the “Queen of Da Souf” being such a major success already, she’ll definitely sell out tickets fast at the venue.

                        A Mega Rap Star In The Making

    Rainbow Ballroom
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    By Latto accumulating over 300 million streams, she’s bound to become the next greatest rap star. Additionally, Latto has produced some of the biggest, chart-topping songs like “Muwop”, “Sex Lies” and “In & Out.” Even her debut album Queen of Da Souf entered the Top 10 on the Apple Music iTunes Chart. Furthermore, the lead single “B**ch From The Souf” became a platinum-selling breakout, which secured her a top spot amongst her peers. Now on her upcoming tour stop at the Rainbow Ballroom, Latto’s set will include some of her biggest hits. Not to mention, she’ll also throw in a few new tracks from her upcoming album 777. Clearly,  Latto will make a big splash in Fresno, CA next spring.


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