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    Latto Exclaimed That A Male Rapper Tried To “Drop Nuts” On Her

    ATL rapper Latto has loads of great opportunities headed her way this upcoming summer. She’s already headlined the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour that kicked off this past Saturday. Not to mention, she’s gearing up to drop her new album 777. Despite all her good fortune, Latto admits that being a female rapper has its challenges. Recently, the rapper revealed that one of her male rap features attempted to “drop nuts” on her in the DMs.

    The ATL Rapper Says A Male Rapper Tried To “Drop Nuts”

    drop nuts
    via Complex

    During an interview with Big Boy TV , Latto remained outspoken about the hardships she has faced as a female rapper. In particular, she noted that making her upcoming sophomore album 777 hasn’t been easy because of her male features. One male feature in particular, even tried to ask for a sexual favor from Latto in the DMs. According to Latto, the unnamed male artist “dropped his nuts” on her. Clearly, the guy doesn’t know the difference between business and pleasure.

    Latto Refuses To Remain Silent

    drop nuts
    via HotNewHipHop

    Unfortunately, so many female rappers have faced similar issues within the industry. While some have remained silent, Latto has chosen to speak the truth. She was outspoken on the issue she endured with the male feature, and in addition, detailed her team’s response to the incident. Latto noted that her people outright told her ignoring the response and speaking on it, “looks bad for business.” Though, Latto made it clear that she refuses to silence herself.

    Hopefully, she inspires other female rappers to speak on these matters.


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