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    Latto Disses Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj in New Song

    The Twitter Spark

    Tensions may be rising with young female rappers Ice Spice and Latto. Fans have speculated for a while there may be bad blood between the two ever since Latto had an online feud with the crowned queen of rap, Nicki Minaj. Shortly after that spout, Ice Spice posted an Instagram video of a woman yelling about how she hates when younger women disrespect older women. Spice’s video on respecting your elders seemed like shade towards Latto, which seemingly ignited the beef.

    Struggled to finish the lyrics

    Shortly after this post, a video of Latto seemingly throwing shade quickly went viral. Latto was seen struggling to finish the lyrics to Ice Spice’s hit song “Bikini Bottom.” Fans quickly called Latto out for being petty.

    Labeled a copycat?

    Since her songs and… various other items that have leaked, Ice Spice has been trending like crazy lately. Every update on the Bronx rapper just pushes her name out further. In her EP she recently released, fans speculate that she had some lyrics that subliminally dissed Latto.

    She claps back in her new music

    After that EP, Latto dropped a freestyle that led many to think about whether her lyrics were aimed at Nicki and Spice.

    The words for Ice

    And it’s still giving coke..

    And I still ain’t post my n***a

    Made em pull their True Religion back out with just a picture

    Yes, I swallow every time

    How you think I got the Vette?

    How you think I got the Lamb?

    Y’all too easily impressed

    Stop comparing me to trends

    The words for Nicki

    Disrespect will not be tolerated

    2022 I dominated

    Yeah, I see the talk

    I’m busy celebrating these nominations

    Was Latto throwing shade at the two other female artists? Did you like Ice Spice’s leaked song? Was Latto in the wrong for going back and forth with Nicki online? Who will go down as the best rapper between the 3? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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