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    Top 10 Latin Fast Food Places In America

    Pollo FrisbyLatin food is one of America’s favorite comfort food. Latin traditions center around love and gatherings with friends and family—with good food! In addition to being comfort food, Latin fast food can be healthy too!

    In fact, today we will explore Latin fast food chains in America.

    Top Latin Fast Food Chains In America

    Because Latin cuisine is romantic and soothing, that makes it beyond delicious. Indeed we are naming a few US Latin spots; however, we are including all The Americas!

    1. CHURRO MAGICO— Hialeah, Florida is home to this delicious foodie stop by. With their rich cuisine made fast and masterfully comes a long line of new a regular patrons. According to Latin Fast Food, their options include croquettes, Cuban sandwiches, churros and more! They are open 7 days a week.

    2. Doggis— Native to Peru, this Latin fast stop is what McDonald’s is to us in a few Latin countries. Their signature dish, completos, gushes over with an avocado and mayo paste. Don’t forget a side of super crispy fries.

    3. California Burrito Company— This fast food hot spot is spread out throughout South America from Buenos Aires to Bolivia according to the New York Post. And it was founded in 2006, serving locals and tourists color book worthy tacos and burritos, on the go!

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    4. Baleadas Express— Native to Honduras, street chefs serve fresh, warm ingredients on steaming hot flour tortillas. Of course, you can order enchiladas too.

    5. Pasquale Hnos— These super fast joints across Peru serve Peruvian sanguches, Peruvian desserts and chicha morada.

    6. Churromania—The Venezuelan hot spot is home to the churro, with US expansions in Texas and Florida, according to NyPost.

    7. Pollo Tropical— is the Chik-Fil-A of Florida. With its citrus marinated chicken theme and fast food approach, this is a game changer for the Latin fast food chain, according to Pollo Tropical. 

    8. Pollos Frisby— is the KFC of Columbia, according to Business Insider. Their signature item is Frispecial which is breaded steak with mushroom sauce and potato wedges.

    9. Bembos— is a classic burger joint in Peru. Certainly, this fast food haven is one for the hipsters, adding odd flavors such as a few Doritos to your sandwich.

    10. Juan Maestro— Surely, this is a sister company of Doggis, serving sandwiches on butter burger buns instead of rolls.

    Nevertheless, you should try a few of these spots if you’re ever in town.




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