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    Las Vegas Hip Hop Artist Lil Mota Drops “Conditioned by Society”

    Las Vegas-based hip-hop artist Lil Mota drops a new single, “Conditioned by Society.” With his unique voice, Lil Mota has been making noise in the underground hip-hop scene. The hip-hop artist began penning down rhymes as early as 14 but has taken much bigger steps forward since he started. His flows and lyrical content regarding his harder-hitting music are unmatched. 

    Mota most recently dropped his single “Conditioned by Society.” Lasting just under 2 minutes in run time, the new song showcases the MC’s ability to rhyme quickly while still delivering cohesive flows. Lil Mota discusses everything from his motivations to responding to haters. 

    You can listen to Lil Mota’s “Conditioned by Society” here:

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